I offer Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage, that releases tension..


…and gradually breaks up muscle “knots” and promoting relaxation. Besides massage, I also work with trigger points, stretching and other relaxation teqniques to help sore muscles. A Swedish massage can be slow and gentle, or vigorous and bracing, depending on your preferensces. If you have acute pain, it will likely take a series of massages to get full results.

In addition to massages I also do exercise counseling, personal health tests and seminars on topics ranging from handling stress to creating good conditions to excel at work.
I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!
/ Markus

You can find me in building 302 at Medicon village – go past Inspira and follow the signs to the gym on your left. I”m in the room next to the gym. . At Medicon Village, Kod&Knåd is also know as CarambaSyd.

Online booking by ClinicBuddy:

Note! The first time you book a massage you can book 45min (and only pay for 30min)!

I am normally at Medicon Village 2-3 days a week. if you can’t find a time that suites you, just send me an email and we can work something out!

30min massage 425kr
45min massage 545kr
60min massage 650kr
5x30min 1875kr
10x30min 3650kr

According to “Skatteverket”, you can use your corpate health benefits (friskvårdsbidrag) for massage.

Contact me if you have colleagues who also are intereested in massage and well set you up with a good deal 🙂

Kurs: Positional Release & triggerpunkter 2015
Kurs: Kinesiotejp och idrottstejp 2015
Certifierad Massör av Branschrådet Svensk Massage
Diplomerad Medicinsk Massageterapeut, Hälsoteket Malmö 2014
Diplomerad Massör, Hälsoteket Malmö 2014